Mantra: ROAR

“Do not fear. God provides for lions so he will provide for you as well.”

Kiran Kumar: Picture provided by author

Who am I?

A businesswoman, a writer, a poet, a mother and middle-aged! My life has had many ups and downs. However, I have always never given in or given up to what has challenged me from the time I was born.

I have always been a fighter having been born two months early, I fought to enter this world and have been fighting ever since! Born a Piscean, my forever choice has been always to swim and to never sink…

“Defy What Holds You Down” |© Design by Kiran Kumar

Roaring Ahead Quotes

KTHT Creative Prompts Nº 12: from the creative corner

“My Truth Stands Naked and Alone” |© Design by Kiran Kumar

My truth stands naked and alone
in the deserted swarms of blatant lies,
told by those with visions impaired
by the darkness that unfolds in
their hearts and eyes.

My truth stands naked and alone,
firm in its holding of what is right
in the sea of wrongs.
Holding fast,
withstanding external pressures
pushing to surrender and succumb.

My truth stands naked and alone,
proud in its strength to withstand dark forces
attempting to block it from shining in the blackness
of other peoples fabrications and deceit.

©Kiran Kumar 27th September 2021
Thank you for reading my poetry.🙏

Here’s my…

“Words Of Encouragement” |©Design by Kiran Kumar

Little or a lot, small or large

“Heirloom Confessions” |©Design by Kiran Kumar

Woven tight passed on

“The Fabric Of Creation” |© Design by Kiran Kumar

Woven from the beginning of time

“Love Notes” | © Design by Kiran Kumar


“Humans Part of Humankind” |© Design by the Author: Kiran Kumar

The magic that connects us

“The Architecture of Consciousness” |© Design by Kiran Kumar

KTHT Creative Prompts Nº 11: from the creative…

“Bandages On Invisible Wounds” | ©Design by Kiran Kumar

Wounds open wounds deep


I’m a poet, writer, speaker, digital artist and podcaster — with a lifetime of stories, lessons learnt and some wit.

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